C++ or C# Developer in Media and TV Products

Location:  Mountain View, CA

Job Category:  Software Developer



Would you like to be a member of the team that architects, designs, and builds the world’s #1 IPTV platform, used on over 25 million set top boxes. Our clients TV/Set Top Box  team needs experienced and versatile  C++ developers  with some C# to work on many layers of the platform.

You will develop, use, and support multiple frameworks–such as HTML5 and Mediaroom Presentation Framework–for creating TV applications and interfaces. You will learn what it takes to build a cloud service around hardware and software that keeps people informed and entertained 24/7 around the world.


  • Develop features for the next generation of IPTV set top boxes
  • Maintain and update the current generation Mediaroom IPTV platform
  • Work through all phases of set top box feature development, porting existing code and writing new code
  • Write testable code to spec
  • Enhance and Debug existing HTML browser code
  • Work on both application and framework development

Technical Skills:

  • REQUIRED: Strong skills in C++ development. Some C# also desirable.
    REQUIRED: Experience with web technologies like HTTP, REST, AJAX, TCP/IP
  • REQUIRED: Experience in HTML and JavaScript application development
    REQUIRED: Interest/Experience in television technology and services
  • REQUIRED: Interest in working all the way from low level hardware abstractions up to the high level HTML/JavaScript experience
    • Globalization/Localization
    • Security
    • Graphics programming
    • Web browser architecture
    • Browser engine development (e.g. Webkit)
    • Embedded software development (e.g. Set-top Box, Mobile)
    • Network Connectivity
    • Open source software
    • Audio/Video technologies
    • Cloud services

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